Join us and rise up in revolution!

about the street team

"Music's breaking down all the barriers. We don't have to feel earthbound. Hone your senses. As we surf the waves of sound, we can come together. It's not so hard to open up our hearts to love. I woke up one morning, I'd had a dream so real. We noticed our part in the shame of history. Now we're walking, we're running, our mission is the same. We've reach our destination and realize the dream! No walls - embrace a world as one. No walls - embrace a world as one. Where music will guide us, guitars instead of guns. We'll play in harmony, it should be so easy. Come and dance with me."  -  H Y D E

The above quote describes the essence of the VAMPS + American Street Team +. The goals of the VAMPS + American Street Team + are to promote VAMPS' music here in America and having fun while doing so. The focus of the street team's activities are based here in the United States, however, all VAMPSaddicts the world over are welcome to join.